Do you need to add or remove someone from the title of your home?

Thinking of asset protection strategies?

Most times, a quit claim deed is the answer, and we can record your new deed for one flat fee.

When life changes, often your ownership in a property will change with it.

You can use a Quit Claim Deed to transfer real property to a family member, former spouse or when you need to place property in a trust.

With a Quit Claim Deed, you can make the change official. Once everything’s settled, you can move in or move on for a new beginning.

A quit claim deed is considered one of the easiest ways to legally transfer property. That’s because a quit claim deed is often used to transfer property between family members, ex-spouses, and in estate plans (though a transfer on death deed may also be used here, depending on where you live).

It’s important to note that quit claim deeds are rarely used when money exchanges hands—i.e. when the property has a buyer and a seller—as there are no warranties or guaranties that the property is free of liens. This is because liens often specifically prevent the sale of property.

In a quit claim deed, those liens are usually transferred along with the deed itself.

Quitclaim Deeds carry no guarantee that the seller possesses ownership of the property.  They merely promise that any percentage of ownership the seller might have is to be transferred to the buyer named in the Deed.

This lack of guarantee may cause issues with the title to the property. For help determining the appropriate document for your specific situation, Contact The Law Offices of Brendan Appel today.