The ways in which a serious injury can change your life can be difficult to overstate.

From being unable to work and earn a living to taking care of your children or even yourself, a serious injury can leave you in need of serious medical care and dependent on others for many things that we take for granted.

Serious personal injuries and accidents can result in several months of lost wages and perhaps some lingering pain and functional limitations, but catastrophic injuries can mean a lifetime of lost wages, medical bills and severely reduced quality of life.

Aggressively pursuing fair compensation for these types of cases requires a lawyer with the practical experience and legal knowledge to get results.

At The Law Office of Brendan Appel, we are backed by the resources and reputation that come with our more than 15 years of history in Chicago.

When an injury occurs as the result of the negligence of another,  our attorneys fight for the victims and their families.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due in part to the fault of another, or if a family member has died due to an accident, defective product or medical malpractice, our attorneys can help make sure that the responsible parties pay fair compensation to you and your family.

Attorney Appel and his firm represent victims and their families across the state of Illinois who have suffered a catastrophic injury by bringing our firm’s substantial resources and reputation to bear in a variety of injury cases.