Mechanics liens are filed in an effort to collect payment on a construction contract between property owners and contractors.

Often times when there are construction defects or issues revolving around the work not being done properly, owners may refuse to pay the contractors, or payments may have been misappropriated by the contractors who fail to pay the subcontractors and suppliers of materials. As a result, a large group of lien claimants may try to secure payment.

Attorney Brendan Appel focuses on the complex issues surrounding mechanics lien law.

Our full service law firm understands every aspect of construction law, real estate, land use and development law and business law, as it relates to the details and legal requirements in mechanics lien litigation.

Homeowners and commercial property owners are responsible for making payments to all parties that are contracted to work on their property. This includes prime contractors, subcontractors, architects, and materials suppliers. When payment is not received or is disrupted for any reason, a construction lien may be placed on the property, which could interfere with the sale, finance, or refinancing of the property.

At The Law Office Of Brendan Appel, we have over 15 years of litigation experience in all construction law matters involving mechanics liens. We understand the disputes that can arise as a result of disrupted timely payments. We are more than able to offer general counsel and legal advice in our representation of anyone that may be involved in mechanics liens disputes.

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