However reasonable you may be in working with tenants, and however well you maintain your rental properties, problems can arise that threaten to cost you serious money and time.

Chicago is undeniably a “tenant-friendly” jurisdiction in many respects. Landlords dealing with nonpayment of rent and problem tenants can benefit greatly from experienced legal counsel.

At The Law Office Of Brendan Appel, we have extensive experience navigating the eviction process properly and effectively for landlords — as well as identifying alternative solutions that are sometimes more cost-effective.

Mr. Appel will analyze your situation and all viable options, advise you accordingly and take action to get your property back, which may include:

-Negotiation of a mutual release agreement if the best path is to release claims on both sides without proceeding with a formal eviction.

-Proper completion of all necessary steps for a lawful eviction, with emphasis on timeliness, affordably and dependable protection of your best interests as a landlord.

Landlord-tenant law and required eviction processes have changed dramatically in Chicago over the past two decades or so.

As a result, there are many pitfalls for landlords. Once animosity between you and a problem tenant escalates, an action you see as totally justified — or a simple, honest procedural mistake — could cost you thousands of dollars.

Attorney Appel and his team focus on re-establishing your rights to your own property and saving you money.

For dependable counsel and efficient services in this complex area of law, please contact The Law Office Of Brendan Appel today.