When two parties sign a contract, each expects the other to perform its contractual obligations.

Unfortunately, this does not always occur. Contractual breaches can arise from disputes over the meaning of contractual terms, from unexpected circumstances that affect a party’s ability to perform or from a party simply refusing to live up to its contractual obligations.

Whatever the case may be, contractual breaches can amount to substantial losses for the non-breaching party.

Chicago breach of contract attorney Brendan Appel can aggressively advocate on behalf of a wronged business to help it get just restitution or compensation.


Determining when a party is in breach is not always straightforward, especially when contract terms are vague or subjective.

Moreover, breaching parties may have numerous defenses in a typical breach of contract suit. Attorney Brendan Appel has the litigation experience necessary to recover on or defend against contract claims, including claims arising under the Illinois version of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Mr. Appel has successfully prosecuted and collected on cases involving the sale of goods where the opposing party failed to pay for the products that it either resold or used in its business.


A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to perform under the terms of the contract. This can cause the non-breaching party significant damages, including the costs of finding a substitute to fulfill the contract terms. The non-breaching party may have several options for recovery, including enforcing the contract on its terms, canceling the contract and suing for repayment of money expended, or suing for liquidated damages as specified in the contract.

In some cases, computing damages can be complicated. This is especially true when the non-breaching party suffers consequential damages — such as losing a contract with a third party because the goods received from the breaching party were late or defective.

Our law firm must often rely upon expert reports or other reliable sources to prove such damages. We have decades of experience litigating contract issues.

Attorney Brendan Appel boasts over 15 years of experience in contract litigation matters.

He has represented businesses of all types and sizes throughout Illinois.